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An individual who has been unable to work for the past six months and is expected to be out of work for at least one year due to a disability is entitled to receive Social Security Disability benefits. The disability can be from a physical condition or a mental condition, or a combination of the two. When determining entitlement to Social Security Disability benefits, all of the individual's medical conditions are considered in order to ascertain whether that person is at all able to engage in any form of gainful employment.

Persons applying for Social Security Disability benefits typically also apply for Supplemental Security Income benefits. These benefits provide money to the disabled individual based upon financial need and are paid in addition to Social Security Disability benefits or to those who are found to be disabled but do not otherwise qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Persons applying for Social Security Disability benefits may already be collecting benefits under workers' compensation or a short or long term disability insurance policy. If also found entitled to Social Security Disability benefits, the amount collected under one may affect the amount collected under the other, but the net effect is an increase in the total amount received.

The Attorneys at Yellin & Hyman are experienced in handing Social Security Disability claims and know what type of medical evidence is needed in order to meet the standards necessary to be found entitled for those benefits. They also know what questions to ask both of the claimant and of the expert witnesses in an appeal so that the Administrative Law Judge has all of the facts most favorable to the claimant. Equally important, the attorneys at Yellin & Hyman are experienced in handling both Social Security Disability claims and workers' compensation claims so that they can best advise as to the inter-relationships of the two and how a settlement of the workers' compensation claim may have the result of increasing the monthly amount received under Social Security Disability.

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