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The roadways can be a dangerous place not only for those in a motor vehicle or on a motorcycle but also for pedestrians and bicyclists.  Someone who is jogging, crossing the street or riding a bicycle has a right to be on that street as much as the operator of a motor vehicle.

Everyone on the roadways needs to use reasonable care and caution so as to avoid a collision with others using the road.  The problem for pedestrians and bicyclists is that they are much more vulnerable, and the injuries are therefore often more severe, when they are struck by a motor vehicle. When pedestrians or bicyclists are involved in an accident, the vehicle that struck them is often liable for the injuries that resulted from the collision.

Just like the occupant of a motor vehicle, an injured pedestrian or bicyclist is entitled to be compensated for the injuries sustained in the accident. Similarly, pedestrians and bicyclists are entitled to receive payment of their medical expenses and lost wages through the insurance coverage-No-Fault or PIP benefits- of the vehicle which struck them. ( Click here to learn more about PIP benefits.)

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