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Child Custody and Child Support Lawyers in Hyde Park and Franklin

Life does not stop changing after a divorce decree, child custody agreement or spousal support award. As months and years pass, circumstances may dictate a change in the very arrangements that previously worked for a couple and their children.

Yellin & Hyman, P.C., represents clients seeking or disputing modifications based on material and substantial changes in circumstance such as loss of employment, change in expenses, needs of the children, relocation, remarriage or a change in jobs (wherein one spouse may no longer need spousal support) in their daily lives.

When Income is Reduced or Interrupted

Clients often come to us seeking modification after a layoff, reduction in overtime opportunities or the termination of insurance benefits. These setbacks may well necessitate a modification of the original provisions of your divorce decree, child support order or spousal support obligation. Payments towards   alimony or child support should not create undue financial hardships so long as the children's best interests are still protected. If your income has been interrupted or drastically changed, we can help you seek a modification.

If you are seeking a modification for your divorce decree because of a material change in circumstances, contact an attorney at our Franklin office by calling 508-528-8885, at our Hyde Park office by calling 617-361-5310 or sending us an e-mail.

Modifying Custody and Support Due to a Relocation

At Yellin & Hyman, P.C., we recognize that one parent may need to move out of state for a business opportunity or to pursue a new relationship. As with any other legal matter that involves children, the courts will look at what is best for the children. The court may choose to award the non-custodial parent more concentrated, long-term visitation periods, or a travel allowance to facilitate visits.

Contact a Child Support Modification Attorney for a free consultation

If you or a spouse has experienced a material change in circumstances, a revisiting and subsequent modification of a divorce decree may be necessary. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Massachusetts divorce lawyer, please contact us. You can reach Yellin & Hyman by calling our Franklin office at 508-528-8885, our Hyde Park location at 617-361-5310 or sending us an e-mail. At our firm, we represent clients in Boston, Bellingham and surrounding areas.