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Are you facing a foreclosure sale on your home? Are you in fear that your car is going to be repossessed at any moment? Do you have a court judgment against you that could result in garnishment of your wages? In other words, do you need the relief afforded by bankruptcy and you need that relief now?

A debtor can file an emergency bankruptcy petition that has to include a bare minimum of information. The filing of the emergency bankruptcy petition will stop all debt collection actions in the same manner that the filing of the full bankruptcy petition will. The debtor is then allowed additional time to file the remaining portions of the bankruptcy petition. An experienced bankruptcy attorney should be able to file an emergency bankruptcy, if necessary, on very short notice.

Although it is always preferable to spend adequate time in preparation of all of the forms that make up the bankruptcy petition prior to the filing of the bankruptcy, circumstances do not always allow for that. At Yellin & Hyman, we are skilled and experienced bankruptcy attorneys who can file an emergency bankruptcy on your behalf in order to prevent an impending action by one or more of your creditors.

You should not wait until the last minute to consult with a bankruptcy attorney. But if circumstances catch you by surprise, call Yellin & Hyman now. It is probably not too late to file bankruptcy and still receive all of the relief that the filing of a bankruptcy has to offer.

For more information on emergency bankruptcy filings or to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, please contact Yellin & Hyman today.

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